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Can I afford to go solar?
YES! If you can afford to pay your electricity bill you can afford to go solar. All the solar programs available offer $0-down financing, both for ownership and leasing programs. There are also financing programs available that are not dependent on having a good credit score.
What size solar system do I need?
Solar system size is generally directly correlated to your homes kWh consumption. One of our trained solar representatives will work with you to analyze your homes 12-month usage, and design a system that’s tailored to your family’s usage needs.
Can a solar array increase the value of my home?
Yes! Several studies demonstrate that solar homes are worth more money and sell more quickly.
How much roof space will I need for a solar array?
Every kilowatt of the solar array takes about 75 square feet. So a typical 3kW array (twelve panels) will take a roof area about 11′ tall by 20′ wide (two rows of six).
What happens at night or when it is cloudy?
Although the production may be less, solar panels work on cloudy days. We always design solar systems to offset energy usage both night and day, meaning the energy produced by your system during the day will continue to offset your energy usage during the night. Solar panel efficiency on a cloudy day is lessened, but with the right system size you’ll offset your usage over time.